You Can Knit to Quit

Do you have a habit that you need to or want to quit?  Has it been a challenge?   What if you had something creative and fullfiling to replace that bad habit?  Although it may have been difficult in the past, you can get the support you need to quit and find empowerment in yourself in a positive reinforcing environment. With a combination of hypnosis, to eliminate unwanted habits and behaviors, and knit or crochet, you will use your time, energy and hands to create and make life changes for the better. 

Let go of those habits that are not helping you live your most vibrant and happy life.  

Improve your:

Self Image



Focus and Attention

Join us for a bimonthly meeting.  If you are new to the knit or crochet craft I will teach you.  If you currently knit or crochet get additional support and expertise. 

Areas of Expertise

Certified by NGH in Hypnotherapy and
Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
Quit Smoking, Over Eating, Nail Biting,
Worry and Reduce Stress
Certified Knitting Instructor- Craft Yarn Counsel of America
Knitwear Designer- Ravelry  "Elizscknits"

How it Works:  We meet as a group for 2 hours.

Join the group: membership fee required  (one time only) & meeting fee.

  • If you are new to knitting/crochet there will be instruction time.

  • If you have a project you are working on bring it with you 


We meet as a group for 2 hours.   

First 20 minutes we will have mediation/hypnosis

Next 40 minutes- crafting (knit or crochet)

Next 10  minutes- body/mind break

Last 50 minutes - Crafting


$25 one time membership fee includes one (1) meeting fee. 

$10 Meeting fee

Material costs for new crafters (as needed) $10


Contact Me

I would love to help you make changes in your life and be creative at the same time.  As an educator (34 years), avid knitter & crocheter and a practicing Hypnotist, I bring all my skills to you in a calm, patient and enriching experience.   If you have questions please get in touch.  

Tel: 707 291-9864

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You can send me a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.   Elizabeth

Elizabeth Calabro, Certified Hypnotist
Certified Knitting Instructor "CYCA"
Sonoma, CA